“Those things give you foresight, Foureyes?” Billy taunted.

“Sure, they let me see a lot.” I smiled knowingly.

“Yeah? Maybe I should try them.” Billy snatched my glasses. Moments later, his jaw dropped. “Dude! The detail!

That’s how the school bully became an honor roll student, and my best friend.

– – – – – – – –

Written for my challenge: Write a Great Novel in 50 Words or Less


Also written for Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt:


    • Thank you very much Stephen – for the pingback to your poem as well as your comment on my “Great Novel”. If you try one, keep in mind that the title does not count against the word limit but also should not be used to try to tell the story.

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      • I very much enjoyed it, and the other’s you’ve written. An interesting challenge. I am planning to try it sometime, along with a couple other forms you’ve suggested, though I may need to create a new site if I want to post any of them as this one I’ve dedicated to the ha’sonnet form. I already failed at a Saturnica because I didn’t read all the rules first, but I like what I wrote 🙂.

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