Winter Thoughts

cold winds whistling
– – warm fire crackling
barren trees and dried-up grass
– – two cuddled on the sofa
winter wastes outdoors
– – comfort found indoors

– – – – – – – –

This was written for Eugenia’s Thursday Prompt:
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Winter – February 4, 2021

It was also written for my challenge to write a Dual Haiku. A dual haiku is two individual haiku interleaved with each other. Each haiku should be a complete poem, as well as making a complete poem when read together.


    • Thank you very much Eugenia. I like working with these, and I think the form is at its best when the two haiku separately do not simply say the same thing twice, but are separate in meaning as well

      if you decide to write one, come back and leave me a link!


    • Thank you very much Louise. See “Change Is Coming” for another one of this form.

      As far as I know, the Dual Haiku and the Dual Tanka are my own inventions. They are not as hard as they might look, I’ve been writing them for years.


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