Thanks and Giving – Challenge Prompt

The time is near for Thanksgiving,
that day for family
gathered in the joy of living.
That’s how it ought to be.

Some families are spread too wide
or stranded by weather.
For some it is a day to hide,
avoiding each other.

For homeless it is just a meal,
a respite from dangers,
from the loneliness they feel
depending on strangers.

For troops deployed in foreign lands
along with guns and tanks,
daily confronting warring bands,
it is hard to give thanks.

For those caught up in tragedy,
trying to get away,
a good time’s if their family
survives another day.

If you can gather for the day,
please do; but maybe pause
to think if you can find a way
to help a worthwhile cause.

– – – – – – – –

Challenge Prompt for 11/13/20

After reading the above, write what it inspires for you about thankfulness, about giving, or about the holiday itself. Include a link to this post in yours, then return here and leave a comment with the link to your post. I will come and read all linked posts and leave a comment on each one. Toward the end of next week I will put all the links together in a separate post. However, I encourage everyone not to wait until then, but go ahead and check out the submissions linked in the comments below as they are made.


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