Bewitching Costume

Nine-year-old daughter proclaims;
“I’ll make my Halloween costume.”
Turtleneck leotard and tights,
gloves and shoes, all in black to start.

Sleeveless leotard goes on top,
dyed with black and yellow striping.
Translucent Fairy Princess Cape,
which looks like wings, flows down her back.

A black, pointed, witch’s hat now
has yellow striping as well as
sporting two long black antennae.
A black facemask protects her health.

A black eye mask of flocked plastic
finishes hiding her identity.
Her treat bag is adorned with a
construction paper honeycomb.

We still aren’t sure what it all means;
we’re waiting for her to tell us.
She twirls three times, laughs, and proclaims
“Can’t you tell? I am a Bee Witch!”

– – – – – – – –

Written for Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt:


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