Crystal Ball Blues

“Hey pal! You want to buy a crystal ball?”
The man’s whisper was hushed but insistent.
“Guaranteed to see and reveal it all.”
I was intrigued, but asked him what he meant.

He brought out of his coat a small round case,
motioned me closer so just I could see,
showed me a smallish ball on a black base,
saying “This is yours for just a small fee.”

He held up a finger. “I know your thought.
If it really works why am I selling?
I asked the same question before I bought.
There is a secret I must be telling.”

Just then, there came on his face a strange look,
one of puzzlement displaced by dismay.
Peered at the ball as if reading a book;
reclosing the case, he tucked it away.

“I am sorry, dear friend, this cannot be;
if I sold, it would be to your sorrow.
Therefore, you will not buy this ball from me.
I refuse to ruin your tomorrow.”

He ducked into shadow, I was alone,
leaving a mystery to be pondered.
What did he observe to so change his tone?
A long time I stood there and wondered.

– – – – – – – –

Written for Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt for September 28.


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